Why AdKings?

Our mission is to provide the most creative, cost effective and influential advertising and marketing campaigns for your business online and via traditional methods. We deliver quality, period.
Our pricing and services are honest and transparent. We pride ourselves on this and won't take on your campaign if we believe it will be unsuccessful or if it's going to waste your hard earned money. Give us a call and let's chat about your business goals.
We eat, breath, sleep and down right do marketing and advertising because it's fun for us. It's not a job to us and we look at every campaign or project as if it were our own or our family's business. Get unparalleled service from a company who grew up with computers, the internet and social media, not to mention a proven track record working with top brands and companies.
Every advertising and marketing campaign is unique to the business' goals and needs. We tailor each campaign based on the KPIs we set together and what you would like to achieve. These costs are upfront and transparent. Website builds vary depending on the type and complexity. Shopping carts that need to be PCI complaint will be more expensive than a small business website that is lead generation focused. Give us a call and let's chat about your business goals.
SEO and Paid Search or Pay-Per-Click is a process that requires steady attention and work over an extended period of time. PPC requires a 1 time setup fee as we have to build out many pieces of the campaign. Then it requires consistent upkeep and maintenance to make sure bidding is done correctly and money is being spent appropriately on the correct search terms. Remember this is how Google makes their money and we optimize for the most clicks and the cheapest costs. Search Engine Optimization with content creation and a link building campaign can range anywhere from 6 months to several years depending on the types of keywords that we are targeting, trying to rank for and the competition that already exists. Quality Content on your website and link building are by far the most two most important pieces of SEO that help give and maintain high organic search rankings.
Depending on the services we could start seeing results the very first month if we were to run a Paid Search or Paid Social campaign! SEO campaigns on the other hand take a little bit of time. It is possible to start to see some results within the first month after we optimize the website. In the end the search engines reward quality content, media and consistency. If we execute the plan we will see movement within the first 6 months.
Guarantees online are usually a scam or a gimmick. adKings prides ourselves on quality vs quantity and we deliver. Period. Since we do not offer any fake guarantees like other advertising services on something like an organic ranking position (we are not Google nor can anyone guarantee an SERP), we do not have any long-term contracts and we bill month to month with all costs 100% transparent and we will always give you our honest opinion on the topic or subject.
We use several tools to track progress of your campaign and will send you monthly reports based on our set KPIs. The best way to track our success will be through Google Analytics, AdWords, your CMS and Billing Systems as we collect rankings, traffic, revenue and lead generation data.
AdKings offers no long term contracts. We are month to month based and 100% transparent with our fees, work and services. We understand the value of quality work and always strive to build long term relationships.

Advertising & Marketing

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization." SEO is a combination of art and creative, data science, content and coding techniques used on a website and off a website to help improve visibility in natural or "organic" Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs).
SEM stands for "Search Engine Marketing" and is a general term for online marketing and advertising. It usually encompasses paid search or Pay-Per Click (PPC), SEO and other forms of paid media such as PR. SEO is strictly Search Engine Optimization which is when one optiimzes a website for organic search rankings based on target keywords. It involves (but not limited to) coding changes to the website, content creation both onsite and offsite as well as backlinking.
Google and the other Search Engines such as Bing and Yahoo have sophisticated algorithms that look at users search patterns and trends adjusting overtime. This data, in combination with web search crawlers or bots that spider the internet, they review each website using 200+ factors and determine the value of that site's content/information. Based on a users search intent or search query the engine will return the most authoritative and direct result. Our job is to help optimize your business website to become an authority in your online niche.
Link Building, Backlinking, Anchor Text Link, Keyword Link and Linking are essentially all the same thing and are one of Google's main search algorithm factors. An anchor text backlink is a clickable text in a hyperlink. This link which should contain a target keyword your website would like to rank for which then links to the correlating page on the website.
There are many possible factors or reasons why your website ins't ranking ranging from the website having a No Index Meta Tag or Robots.txt Disallow All file which many webmasters and designers forget to remove, to your site just not being optimized properly, to the website having a Google Penalty. We run a free website analysis and will be able to create a strategic road-map and and strategy for your website and business. Contact us today to learn more.
Pay-Per Click is the fastest way to build a brand, increase traffic or visibility to a website and create new business or revenue for your company. With that said it can come at a very high cost but doesn't always have to be if your campaign is optimized and built correctly with hyper targeting. Paid Social Media has become a great place to start iwth Paid Search as the costs are lower and the targeting is extremely accurate. PPC is often the recommend rout to market for a business who is looking to get the best bang for their buck and since we can get up and running very quickly where SEO will take several months to gain traction. SEO is a long term strategy and any business who truly wants to success needs both forms of marketing.