June 6, 2018

Local Search Listings & Positive Reviews for Small Business

A Google Local Business Listing and a Yelp Business Listing for your company, office, store, brand or business are two of the easiest, cost effective and important advertising and marketing tactics that one can deploy online.

Having a well optimized listing completely built out with the all your business information including;


Contact Information

Hours of Operation

Social listings


Positive Reviews


All of these will help separate you from the competition and help boost your business listing to the top of the Google Index and search results.

The most important factor and algorithm signal to Google for these two listings to be successful in the top of the search index are the repetition of our NAP or Name, Address and Phone Number.

By creating many business listings as well as content with your NAP in it such as a press releases around the web helps solidifies the ranking signals.

NAP Backlinks are the catalyst that bring the listing to the top of the rankings.

The last step is to add and embedded your target search phrases and keywords into strategic locations in your website, profile, descriptions, images and Schema markup on your website.

All of this activity turbo boosts your business to the top of the Google Local Search Results.

After all of this has been completed and optimized we can move to the often feared but extremely necessary step, getting Positive Reviews!

How many reviews do you have on Google? What about your business’ Facebook page say? Yelp, Angie’s list, BBB and more?

You might even have reviews on industry specific or a niche websites which is great and helps give Google more “Signals” that your business is an authority and trusted.

Reviews are an important part of your business, and of course the stakes just got higher – it’s all thanks to Google My Business which is the official name of where you place your listing.

Still not sure what what we mean?

Search your business’ name on Google.

What happened?

In the top right, you should see your Google My Business profile.


Does this look any different? If you’re unsure, I will explain the latest change: there is now a section on your profile called “reviews from the web.”

What does this section entail?

Well, the title gives it away, there are now reviews from all corners of the web, from social platforms to Google itself. Before it was strictly just from Google My Business and Google Reviewers.

So what does this mean for your business?

For starters, it’s time to make sure you are asking for reviews from your customers on a variety of platforms.

Customer reviews tell the story of your company, and positive reviews can get you more business.

Need some help getting your business some positive reviews or maybe your website needs a bit of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

We can help get your local business listing to get to the top search results?

Contact us today to learn how to make the most of your Google My Business and Yelp profiles.