Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing & Paid Social Advertising

Build Brand Authority, Loyalty, Meaningful Relationships and Connect with your Consumer Base

Social Media is a great opportunity for business to connect with their users and consumers as well as create valuable leads and sales. Social Media has become one of the most cost effective ways to reach your target audience. With the expansion of Social Media and the millions of people using each channel it has now become an integral part of an integrated marketing campaign and company’s advertising strategy.

Though Social Media is not a direct Organic Ranking Factor to Google and the other search engines it is a related signal that your business is legitimate and trust worthy, helping you build creditability, brand authority and a presence online. The latter is a true algorithm signal for SEO.

Social Media Services

We offer a wide range of Social Media Marketing and Advertising ranging from setup of social profiles and accounts, to full-time management and paid media/ad campaigns across all social media platforms. Contact us about custom solutions.

  • Social Media Channel Creation
  • Facebook Social Media Management
  • Facebook Paid Ads
  • YouTube Paid Advertising
  • Instagram Paid Ads
  • Integrated Social Marketing Campaigns
  • Paid Social Promotions
Social Media Management Services

AdKings takes a unique approach to Social Media Marketing working with you to build an online image and presence for your company or brand while focusing on the KPIs we set for the campaign. Whether your business goals are to maximize brand exposure, visits and impressions, target a specific audience, job title or segment with a custom promotion and offer, increase business leads and signups with a contact capture form or generate sales and revenue from selling and promoting products we have you covered.

Having an integrated and full marketing strategy that includes Social Media Advertising your business and brand can maximize exposure bring your business to new highs while reaching a new people who are already interested and taking about your products and services. Let us help you grow your social presence online today.