Paid Search Management

Paid Search Management

Pay-Per Click Google AdWords Advertising for Your Business

Custom PPC Management and Marketing Campaigns Tailored to Your Needs

Our Paid Search Advertising is the fastest way to invest your marketing budget and return a positive ROI for a business while at the same time creating a brand presence.

Paid Search marketing with Google, Bing & Yahoo ads puts you at the top of the search listings because you can target the exact keywords and geographic location that speaks directly to your audience.

AdKings Google Pay-Per Click (PPC) campaigns, advertisements and display image listings that are based on your company’s products, solutions or lead generation goals.

Our Pay-Per Click (PPC) Services

Our Certified Google AdWords & Facebook Paid Search Consulting Services included a 1 time setup fee and a monthly management feed based on your ad spend. Our prices are 100% transparent and upfront.

  • Google Pay-Per Click (PPC)
  • Facebook Display & Paid Advertising
  • Google Display Advertising
  • Remarketing & Retargeting Campaigns
  • Search Query Analysis
  • Negative Keyword Analysis
Pay-Per Click Management PPC Services

Display Advertising & Remarketing Campaigns

Promoting your business and brand online is just as important promoting your business offline through traditional methods and channels. We believe that an integrated marketing campaigns are the best approach to position your company for success. A display adverting campaign through Google or Facebook showcases your products, brand, offer or company on 3rd party websites that are part of Google’s Ad Network. These are the images ads one sees on the sides, footer area or big images injected into websites. These are custom designed images and messaging used to promote and sell your products. Give us a call and we can help your brand be found online.

Our Paid Search Advertising Campaigns Prices are 100% Transparent

All paid search is based on your advertising and marketing budget as each click goes directly to Google and we scale with the success of your business. AdKings only charges for a simple setup free and as well as a monthly campaign management fee based on your advertising spend and budgets.

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