SEO Leads to Organic Year Over Year Traffic Increase – Food Services Website

The Challenge & Solutions

In December we were tasked with revamping, redesigning and updating a new website for a Food Service company while of course maintaining their current organic SERPs and at the same time increasing traffic.

This would be a full website rebuild with SEO from the ground up.

The Results

Through Search Engine Optimization via updated titles, meta data, website architecture, URL restructuring and the addition schema markup and updated content we were able to help the business increase total organic sessions by 19.89% YOY and increase new organic sessions by 19.15%!  On top of that the new visitors to the site stayed longer on the pages and site for over 8 seconds. This is a world of time in website viewing terms as we typically only have about 3 seconds to capture a users attention before they bounce off the page or site.

From Client

The website is the best in class and blows away the competition. Some of them even started to copy our designs.

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