20% Revenue Increase from AB Conversion Rate Optimization Testing

The Challenge & Solutions

Create a new design for the product signup and checkout page that would help increase conversions or signups as well as increase revenue for the company. To do this we would create a new webpage design with a better user experience.

The page had too many monthly and annual plan options that cluttered the page.  The text was not helpful or streamlined leading the user away from making a conversion or buying decision.  There were multiple calls to action (CTA’s) such as free trial, signup, call now, read now, learn more all leading the user to make other choices rather than simply signing up.

The Results

The first thing we did was work with the client to streamline the product packages and cutting out the lowest and highest price options were cut the user options down to 3 monthly and 3 annual plans along with a custom lead form for bigger priced plans. We then updated all CTA’s to be a Free Trial signup. Copy and text updates to reinforce users pain points along with solutions to them were added. We then updated the color pallet to be a bit more inviting.

The results speak are clear. The page increased revenue by 20% and conversions by 19% thought the AB Conversion Rate Optimization test. CR increase 14.72%!